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[Info Trans] Sonny Twitter Updates

  • 21 Mei 2010
  • ips0101

  • noticed follower 1000! Im just an ordinary guy,doin ordinary things… THNX yall!
    11:00pm May 19

    Finished rehearsing! hard work, just choregraphing~ can’t perform at the live, but the guys are dancing cool!
    5:44pm May 19

    rehearsal start again today☆ same place,same time, im lovin this daily routine.ww
    11:13am May 19

    worked our ass off in our 9hr rehearsal. 9hr rehearsal from morning. im so tired.
    11:11pm May 18

    Rehearsing with TOHO Dancerz☆ Toho dancers got together after a long time. hang out!
    2:56pm May 18

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