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  • 16 Mei 2010
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  • 100514 ELLEgirl Editor’s Blog – Vol. 2

    Part 2: In the magazine 【part 2】 Changmin version

    The day before yesterday, ELLEgirl June issue was released!

    This month, you’ve realised there’s a page included that wasn’t before.

    From long ago we had wanted to do a special on guys, yet somehow there wasn’t a chance (mainly because it took too much time to shoot….)

    Did you hunger for such a boy page (?) ELLEgirl has finally found their chance and the IT boy is?!!!

    Yes, it’s Tohoshinki’s Changmin!!

    (※ This picture is part of the making. We’ve decided to upload it next week!)

    Tohoshinki, a super group that has caught the hearts of females in Asia. The youngest member Changmin is 22 now and is still in the girl generation! This time, he came just because of shooting ELLEgirl!

    After deciding what material to take, the chief also asked fans! It seems like there were a lot of people who already knew ELL

    Egirl took this chance, and we felt our popularity again. On the Wednesday when it was released, the editorial department received a lot of calls!

    If you confess and is not scared to be misunderstood, I Miyacco, of course understand about Tohoshinki well. Even though i’m not part of the fanclub and cheering for them passionately, but I definitely know their charisma and popularity.

    …..BUT!! When I saw him, I thought he was really handsome!!! I was so surprised. Of course he had the aura of a star, but there w

    as something, his style was too good.

    With a long and tall body, his face was really small! And to add to that, his clothes from his lower body fitted and toned his body (i’m not meaning anything weird~!) and from that even his shadow was beautiful. He looks like a model.

    Obviously it wasn’t just his looks, but his man

    ners were good, and his honest personality showed off very well. Also, his shyness was beautiful too.

    The interview took about an hour, and he politely answered them one by one. By the last one, when we said there just wasn’t much time left, he said “you can ask me anything!!”.

    From the fans who have read the blog, there were many comments about Changmin being skinner, and we have heard that.

    [Info Trans] ELLE Girl Magazine’s Editor’s blog Part 1

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  • 100514 ELLEgirl Editor’s Blog

    Part 1: The newest issue! It’s Changmin!

    The newest issue of ELLEgirl that was released on the 12th, did everyone get it?!~ The cover is Rihanna, a huge special is a must-read guide of Harajuku, Kesha’s appearance on “SATC2″ with presents… and this month’s issue is especially exciting! Even within us, we we’re talking about it a lot, and the video that was released to the public also received much access, it’s Changmin’s page!

    Indo Translate:

    Bagian 1: Isu terbaru! Tentang Changmin!

    Isu terbaru ELLEgirl yang dirilis pada, 12 tidak semua orang mendapatkannya?! ~ dengan sampul depan Rihanna, edisi terbesar merupakan suatu keharusan-membaca perpadian dari Harajuku, penampilan Kesha di "SATC2" dengan banyak hadiah ... dan ini edisi bulan yang sangat menarik! Bahkan dalam diri kita, kita kita beyak erbicara tentang hal itu, dan video yang dirilis ke publik juga menerima akses banyak, ya halaman tentang changmin!

    Here!~ I’ll show you (maybe a bit too much) a bit. Fufufu, surprisingly this time the present will be a signed polaroid! It’s seriously a treasure. You can find more detail from the magazine, please keep sending in coupons!!

    Indo Translate:

    Di sini! ~ Aku akan menunjukkan kepada Anda (mungkin tidak terlalu banyak) sedikit. Fufufu, mengejutkan saat ini sekarang akan menjadi Polaroid yang ditandatangani! Ini serius. Anda dapat menemukan detail lebih dari majalah ini, harap mengirimkan kupon!

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    [Video] Junsu on Music Fair (Preview)

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    [Info] Avex Rhythm Zone “JAPANATION” album includes Tohoshinki

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  • Avex Rhythm Zone – “JAPANATION” Album Includes Tohoshinki’s Share The World (Updated Song List+Info)

    Song List:

    ●Someday(House Mix)/EXILE
    ●Garden(UNITED COLOR MIX)/May J.
    ●Lotta Love/m-flo loves MINMI
    ●Lick me(Prog5 Mirrorball Remix)/Koda Kumi
    ●Share The World/ Tohoshinki
    ●Feel Like dance/globe
    ●LOVE マシーン~RIKIバージョン~(Disco House Remix)/RIKI
    ●I RAVE U feat. DJ OZMA/ravex
    ●Survival dAnce ~no no cry more~/trf
    ●Infinity/GIRL NEXT DOOR
    ●BLUE BIRD(Harderground remix)/Ayumi Hamasaki
    ●Body & Soul/SPEED
    ●Next Life/SHANADOO
    ●Summer Revolution/AAA
    ●LIFE/キ マグレン
    ●気分上々/mihimaru GT
    ●岛呗(SHIMA-UTA Footrance mix)/THE BOOM
    ●サマータイム!!(DJ KAYA REMIX)/MINMI
    ●恋は groovy×2/伊藤由奈
    ●恋に落ちた ら(Genki Rockets Remix)/Crystal Kay

    Release Date: July 7 2010
    Serial Number: RZCD – 46567
    Price: 2400 Yen (including taxes)/(not inclusive of taxes – 2.286 Yen) (approx. 25 USD)

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    [Video] BeeTV’s “Beautiful Love” Preview

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