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[Pic] Junsu in ARENA37°C Magazine part 2

  • 10 Mei 2010
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  • [Pic] Junsu in ARENA37°C Magazine

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  • [Pic]Stalking Yoochun part 2

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  • [Pic]Stalking Yunho

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    [Pic]Tohomobile – Jaejoong

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    [Video] Paradise Meadow/Ranch Sneak Pictures

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    [Info Trans News] Yunho’s Dog “Taepung”

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  • When Yunho’s pictures goes up, a lot of people show interest

    There are also lots of comments and even though I want to answer them all, I’m sorry I’m unable to.

    It would be nice if you could think of this one response as to responding to all of your comments.

    From all the comments that lots of people have left, it was really nice to read about ohboypraise’s information regarding ‘Taepung.’

    Yunho also mentioned Taepung during the photoshoot.

    The comment that fans were going to do charity in the name of Taepung at Yugigyeon association made me feel really good.

    [News] Xiah Junsu’s MTV Schedule

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  • MTV Making the Video: Xiah Junsu “Intoxication”

    MTV Release Dates

    19th May (Wednesday) 0130~0200 debut

    20th May (Thursday) 1600~1630

    21st May (Friday) 0830~0900

    22nd May (Saturday) 1730~1800

    Source: PinkShow.Cc + baidutvxq
    Translation: suhanASHLEY @
    Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
    Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

    [Video] Stalking Yoochun

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    [News] Idols That Sounds the Best with MR (Music Removed)

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  • Ranking:

    1. DBSK (24%)
    2. Big Bang (21%)
    3. SHINee (14%)
    4. SNSD (13%)
    5. B2ST/ BEAST (8%)
    6. 2AM (7%)
    7. IU (4%)
    8. 2PM/ Kara (2%)

    Source: baidushinee
    Translation: DubuBlingCharismaKeyMin88 @ SHINee Forums International
    Shared by: charan @ soompi +

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  • Sohu South Korea Entertainment News – Beijing time: 10 May 2010; Morning

    According to South Korean media reports, TVXQ’s Kim Junsu will release his solo single in Japan on the 26th of this month, having 160,000 pre-ordered copies, with a pre-order sale of 3 billion won.

    Avex, the Japanese management company in-charge of Kim Junsu’s Japanese activities, said that his solo single will have two versions, CD only and CD + DVD.

    In the recent pre-order sale of the CD version and the CD + DVD version, 75,000 copies and 85,000 copies have been pre-ordered respectively, with a total pf 160,000 pre-ordered copies, and the total amount of money added up to around 3 billion won.

    This is Kim Junsu’s first solo single release after TVXQ’s suspension of activities, the song track including the song “Kanashimi No Yukue,” which is the theme song of Park Yoochun’s Japanese drama debut “Love Letter After 5 Years,” therefore receiving attention from TVXQ’s fans.

    [Pic]Stalking Changmin

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