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JaeJoong’s words for Cassiopeia

  • 16 Apr 2010
  • ips0101
  • my friend just shared this with me..
    this was an audio recorded last month when jaejoong went out drinking alone and he got drunk (?) and fans called a taxi for him.

    credit: :yun314322 from
    shared by: oOwinglessangelOo@soompi

    Here’s the translation:

    (this is what he said)

    카시오페아 없음 내가 동방신기 하라고? 못해!
    Without Cassiopeia can i continue as Dong Bang Shin Ki? I can’t!
    카시오페아 존나 (정말) 사랑해!
    카시오페아 없음 못살아!
    i can’t live with Cassiopeia!

    NOTE: The word “존나” has no meaning at all, or at least none that i know of, so i just assumed he said “정말” (chongmal) because it sounded like that to me on the video and it fitted into the context too. correct me if i’m wrong. ^^

    And when Koreans uses the phrase “못살아” (can’t live), they are usually very agitated. Jaejoong must have been really depressed and agitated then.. ㅠㅠ

    Translated by: cOnkiEss@soompi

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